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PRICING GUIDE PER PRODUCT (These are guides, please enter your budget if not listed)

  • Wedding Gowns (fabric + veil inclusive) / Style determines final cost

    • GHC6,000 to GHC40,000 and above

  • Reception/Evening Gowns (fabric inclusive) / Style determines final cost

    • GHC4,000​ to 25000 and above

  • Bridesmaid Gowns

    • GHC2000 to GHC5,000 and above

  • Veils

    • GHC1000​ to GHC10,000 and above depending on details involved

  • Kente (just sewing) (fabric exclusive)

    • GHC2800 

    • GHC3500 (corset style)

    • GHC4500 and above (intricate designs)

 (Beading, stoning and accessorizing comes at an extra cost depending on style)


  •  Beading

 This cost is for beading alone

  • Starting price GHC2500

  • Full top front beading GHC4000

  • Full top front and back beading GHC5500

  • Full beading top and skirt front GHC10500

  • Full beading top. front and little beading in skirt GHC8000

  • Full beading front and back, top and skirt GHC15000

  • Bridal Robes

    • GHC600​ to GHC7000 and above

  • Little Bride

  • GHC1000 to GHC5,000 and above

  • Digital sketches

    • GHC500 per design

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